2 November 2021 - The LIIA | Introduction to Catalina/Asia Capital Reinsurance (ACR) - Virtual

Catalina/ACR is a leading specialist non-life run-off consolidator. The webinar's objective is to provide the LIIA members with a better understanding by introducing the non-life run-off consolidation and legacy reinsurance. The key areas covered will include;
  • What are non-life legacy or run-off portfolios and why would insurers/reinsurers want to consider solutions for them;
  • Types of retrospective reinsurance solutions and deal structures (LPT, ADC, portfolio novation, corporate acquisition) and considerations for each;
  • Benefits to cedant and sellers;
  • Overview of Catalina’s transaction process - timing and the steps undertaken;
  • Loss portfolio transfer case study
  • Key market developments in US/UK/Continental Europe and Asia; and
  • A brief overview of Catalina and our track record.