9 November 2021 - Regulatory Fitness Series: AMLCFT Managing Regulatory Expectations - Virtual

We are pleased to introduce an exclusively designed, targeted and impactful training programme titled Regulatory Fitness Series: AMLCFT – Managing Regulatory Expectations.’ This course, as part of the Regulatory Fitness Series training courses originally structured by Mr Raj Pillay, is intended to provide Labuan entities with the knowledge, skills and insights to manage regulatory expectations in particular Labuan FSA’s supervisory activities.

As regulatory authorities continue to sharpen their sword and continue to vigorously audit an entity’s AMLCFT compliance processes or investigate suspected non-compliance, they will take appropriate and dire enforcement action consistent with their enforcement policy.
Based on previous discussions with Labuan FSA (Supervision Department and AML Policy Unit), Mr Raj Pillay had the opportunity to be informed about the critical components in the AMLCFT regulatory framework as well as the core areas needing improvements impacting Labuan entities. This course, specially tailored and offered at a much-reduced cost, will equip reporting entities and the relevant staff with key, vital and critical knowledge in order to strategically manage regulatory expectations in the AMLCFT landscape.
The knowledge gained in this training will also assist the reporting entities to adopt a robust stance in their respective policy and procedure framework and to help withstand the regulator’s scrutiny particularly during the course of regulatory audits.